Well it seems a game in an almost 8 plus year development cycle makes an epic because Final Fantasy XV looks to be shaping up pretty nicely. The newest trailer shows off some new story and gameplay. The best part is the glimpse at the series’ first female Cid or as they call her “Cidney”. While the fact that there are no female party members is a letdown, this is a nice change of pace.

Many find it surprising when they hear that No Man’s Sky is an indie title and for good reason. During the Playstation Experience a demo of the gameplay showed off just how ambitious this game really is. A game that makes it seem like the possibilities are endless is definitely pushing the boundaries of what is considered an indie type of game.

A Ps4 and Vita port of Bastion is coming. Even better news is that it is cross-buy, so if you buy one you get the other version for free. Here is to hoping that if this does well SuperGiant Games decides to make Transistor for the Vita as well.

I have complete faith in Ready at Dawn and their new game The Order: 1886. The new gameplay trailer for the game does nothing to make me feel otherwise. There seem to be a lot of creative set-pieces in this game, so I’m confident in the variety of places to shoot up some monsters in despite the game set in an all steam punk sort of era.

The Order: 1886 comes to Ps4 on February 20, 2015

CAAAAAKKKKEEEE! Fat Princess is back with new game coming delight us all on the PS4. Looks like the same exciting gameplay as before, some new updates and all the charm in the world.

Capcom properly announced Street Fighter V during the Playstation Experience keynote. From the gameplay trailer it looks like it retain most of the old gameplay found in Street Fighter IV. What’s intriguing is what looks to be environment damage as the fight expands the level.

According to Sony’s Adam Boyes, “PS4 will be the only console this game ever appears on.” More reports are saying that Sony is actually helping develop the game itself, which could be the reason Street Fighter V may not ever come to other consoles. As for other editions like a Super, Ultra or Arcade Edition in the same vein as Street Fighter IV, maybe that will be a loop hole for future releases.

After having played the exceptional Tomb Raider and The Last of Us, I was anxious to see how Uncharted 4 would step up it’s game. After watching the Playstation Experience gameplay demo I was excited by what I saw. Naughty Dog has is definitely making Uncharted evolved. There was so much going on in this one demo that if the rest of the game is anything like it fans are in for a treat.

Uncharted 4: A Theif’s End is expected in 2015.

This game makes me drool every time I see it. Every inch of its endless universe is just begging to be explored. If it really is as good as it looks, then gamers are in for something truly phenomenal.

No Man’s Sky arrives 2015.

Stoic Studio announced a squeal to the critically acclaimed The Banner Saga. Have wanted to play the first one for a while and never really got a chance. Not much to say except the art style looks beautiful.

The Banner Saga 2 has no release date yet.

Wow is this game wacky. Code Name: S.T.E.A.M is definitely a promising new IP to look out for. Nintendo is definitely stretching out and making something new other than just Mario and Zelda. Judging from the gameplay, any Valkyria Chronicles fan should look forward to this game and who doesn’t love a steam punk Abe Lincoln.

Code Name: S.T.E.A.M comes out March 13th, 2015.