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BNP on E3: Xbox Came to Play With Nonstop Barrage of Nothing but Games, Games, Games – Black Nerd Problems

BNP on E3: Xbox Came to Play With Nonstop Barrage of Nothing but Games, Games, Games

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Wii U Price Has Been Cut


Nintendo has announced that the Wii U will be getting a price cut on September 20th and will retail for $299.99. A much needed price cut, as Nintendo will have to go against the debut of the PS4 and Xbox One in November. With the price cut of the Wii U and a decent holiday line up, Nintendo may be able to steal some sales.

Xbox One Will Be Able To Redeem Codes Through Kinect


Gone are the days of mistyping long 25 digit codes in order to redeem money or pre-order bonuses. Xbox corporate vice president Marc Whitten says that the new Kinect will be able to scan QR codes and make it easier for players to redeem credit, Xbox Live Gold subscriptions and many others. I guess there is one plus to the always connected, always on and all seeing camera.

Microsoft Details “Games for Gold” Program


It is about time that Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold membership started catching up with Playstation Plus. What better way to start then with their announcement at E3 that an Xbox Live Gold membership will entitle members to free games every month. Two free games will offered on the 1st and 16th of every month.

The “Games for Gold” has already started with Fable III as the programs first free game. According to Official Xbox Magazine, July’s two free games will be Assassin’s Creed and Halo 3.

Deadpool Gameplay Video is Part Awesome, Part Hilarious


I am just going to say that at one point in this gameplay video Deadpool pulls a bouncy house out of thin air for no other reason than jumping on it.

The gameplay for the new Deadpool game looks like you basic hack and slash fun, but it is Deadpool 4th wall breaking comedy that really makes the game stand out. Between Deadpool’s inner monologue with multiple personalities and mocking classic video game tropes that we have come to accept, this game might just be worth it just to hear Deadpool speak. Also, “Laws of physics be damned”.

Deadpool arrives tomorrow, June 25, for PS3 and Xbox.


Update: Launch Trailer

Final Fantasy XV Details and Character Info


Square Enix has revealed details on the re-dubbed Final Fantasy XV. It’s funny how changing the name of the game and putting it on next gen system somehow completely rejuvenates interest in this series. Nevertheless, the concept of Final Fantasy XV has me looking forward to it more than any of the Final Fantasy games on the PS3 or Xbox 360. Whether the game is good or not remains to be seen until the game comes out next year.  Most of the information involves the plot and descriptions of the characters who will accompany Prince Noctis on his journey. Here are the synopsis from Square Enix:

The only crystal left to the world lies in the Kingdom of Lucis. Upon striking a peace with the garrison state of Niflheim, Lucis rejoices in having at last brought the cold war to a close. Their celebrations, however, are premature. Under the guise of amity, Niflheim dispels the anti-armament runewall and launches a full-scale invasion of the kingdom. The peaceful lives Crown Prince Noctis and his entourage once knew are consumed by the flames of war as they struggle to mount a resistance.

Noctis Lucis Caelum: A childhood affliction endowed Noctis, heir apparent to the throne of Lucis, with the mystical power to see a heavenly light, through which he could sense others’ deaths. Noctis rejects rigid royal conventions and acts as somewhat of a renegade, much to the dismay of those who tend to him. Yet while “Noct” may act brash at times, he does so in defense of those loyal to him.

Gladiolus Amicitia: As lord of the noble House Amicitia, Gladiolus continues a line sworn to protect the crown. “Gladio” shares a friendship with Noctis that transcends birth and title, and his loyalty to his liege is born not of duty, but of brotherhood.

Ignis Scientia: Ever the unwavering voice of reason, Ignis was weaned on shrewd logic and a classical education from boyhood so that he might one day counsel the would-be king, Noctis. He applies the deep mutual understanding and trust they have built over time to help smooth over Noctis’s brusqueness with others.

Prompto Argentum: The puckish playboy Prompto befriended Noctis in his school days. He wears a chip on his shoulder as an outsider to the royal circle, but remains eager to do all he can for the cause.

Cor Leonis: A living legend of Lucian lore, Lord Commander Cor Leonis’s devotion to the art of war is surpassed only by that to his king. Little love is lost between the ill-starred stalwart and Noctis’s retinue, yet honor binds him to keep watch over the group all the same.

Final Fantasy XV is coming to the PS4 and Xbox One sometime in 2014.

Full Details of the Changes to Xbox One Polices


Let me first start by saying that no matter if your a Sony Fan-boy, you hate Microsoft or just do not like the Xbox, today is a great day to be a gamer and consumer. With the removal of all the polices Microsoft had planned for the Xbox One, it goes to show that as gamers our voice matters and this day is a win for consumer ownership.

With Microsoft getting rid of all the restrictions they had in store for the Xbox One, this will surely put them back in a competitive position by the time the system launches. However, it should be noted that the Xbox One will still cost $500 and there will be a hefty day one patch in order make all these changes possible. There is a lot of information to take into account from this announcement and here the breakdown of everything Microsoft has officially said:

  • Internet connection is not required for you to play games offline – This means that the Xbox One no longer need to check in online every 24 hours in order for you to play your games.
  • Used games work like they do now – Once you buy a game, you can resell, trade, lend and rent games at your own pleasure. There are no restrictions to how many friends you can lend games to and the game’s disc will not be block.
  • Dowloadable games are playable offline – You can download full games on its released date and a lack of internet connection will not prevent you from playing them.
  • There is no region locking – This means you can buy games from other countries and they will be playable on the Xbox One
  • When you first buy the system, internet connection will be required in order have all these features.

The full article from Microsoft can be found here.

Castle of Illusion Makes a Comeback


My childhood returns ….. I mean Castle of Illusion returns to the PS3, PS Vita and Xbox 360 this Summer. The classic Sega Genesis, Mickey Mouse game is being remade with a fresh new 2.5d coat of paint and boy does it looks amazing. It retains the same style, music and a few added features to keep the game fresh.

If you want a better look at Castle of Illusion, watch the video below of Rev3 Games‘ Tara Long give her impressions on the remake.

Standard Price For Xbox One Games Revealed


Via Kotaku, Microsoft has told them that first-party Xbox One games will cost $60. They have also stated that third-party publishers determine themselves the pricing of their games.

Sony has yet to announce the standard pricing of PS4 games. Due to inflation, $60 today is like paying around $50 in 2006. 2006 is the year both the Xbox 360 and PS3 were new to consumers. The fear is that Sony might decide to charge $70 for PS4 games in order to keep making the same profit as they have before. However, in February Sony’s CEO Jack Tretton gave hints to CNBC what the pricing of games might look like on the PS4. He stated:

“We’re going to welcome free-to-play models, games from $0.99 up to those $60 games.”

All will be revealed this November.