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‘Grounded’ Game Preview Impressions: Damn Nature, You Scary – Black Nerd Problems

I took a look at the Game Preview/Early Access version of the Xbox exclusive Grounded, which is part Honey I Shrunk the Kids, part Don’t Starve. Find out my impression by clicking the link to Black Nerd Problems.

Microsoft recently released a Game Preview version of Obsidian Entertainment’s new title Grounded for the Xbox One and PC. A game that’s pretty much a mix of Honey I Shrunk the Kids with the video game Don’t Starve. This was originally going to be a review but the more I thought about it, you can’t really review a game that isn’t finished. 

Xbox’s Game Preview is a lot like Steam’s Early Access, which means the game isn’t quite fully conceptualized yet. However, you can pay to play it in its current state and provide developers with feedback to help shape the game’s final form. With that said, the Game Preview version of Grounded is very promising and a whole lot of fun even though it’s kind of bare-bones.


‘Swimsanity’ and Building a Community: An Interview With Decoy Games’ Khalil Abdullah – Black Nerd Problems

With the release of their game coming up, we had a nice long chat with Kahlil Abdullah, co-founder of Decoy Games about all things Swimsanity, helping other marginalized game developers, and what’s next. Visit Black Nerd Problems website or click the link below to read the full interview!

BNP: So, for all the folks that don’t know about Swimsanity, tell us what the game is all about.

KhalilSwimsanity is a 4-player, underwater shooter with competitive and cooperative game modes where you can play with or against your friends. Basically, you control this underwater, aquatic hero called a Mooba. And he’s equipped with all these special power moves called ‘Unleashes.’ You can become a humongous shark, you can heal your teammates, you can deploy an underwater, what we call, an aqua tank.  There are 13 of these, across 8 different game modes.

So, if you’re kind of a competitive guy, you can play against your friends in a typical deathmatch or elimination mode. We also flip the game on itself and let people play all on the same team with cooperative modes where you can do big boss battles or survival. There’s really something for everyone. The game is gonna have local and online play, and we just announced last month that it’s gonna have cross-play across all consoles and PC.


Superliminal Review: What You Get Is Not Exactly What You See – Black Nerd Problems

ICYMI: I dove into the trippy world of Superliminal and wrote a  review for Black Nerd Problems. Visit Black Nerd Problems website or click the link below to read the full review!

Publisher: Pillow Castle/ Developer: Pillow Castle / Platform: Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch/ Release Date: July 7, 2020

There really is something about being thrown in a gauntlet of test chambers armed only with some strange weapon or gimmick to get you out. I can only think of a few games that precisely scratched that itch for me, like the Portal series or Quantum Conundrum. So enter Superliminal, a dreamscape where perspective is your only tool, and you’re just falling from one dream to another. A trippy experience, to say the least, Superliminal is a short but sweet game whose premise is enough to keep players entertained.

Full Review: Superliminal Review: What You Get Is Not Exactly What You See – Black Nerd Problems


I’ve Just Discovered Hello Neighbor and I Can’t Tell Who Is More Disturbing – You or the Neighbor

Promotional image for Hello Neighbor.So, I woke up this morning with a sudden urge to dust off my Xbox One. I honestly don’t have much to play on the console but every once in a while I browse the Microsoft store to see what’s new. That’s when I laid my eyes on Hello Neighbor, a new game from developer Dynamic Pixels and published by tinybuild – and boy is the premise creepy.

Hello Neighbor is a game where the player decides to investigate their creepy neighbor by sneaking into their house. As the player, you’re basically tasked with invading your neighbor’s home on the off chance you’ll find out what he’s hiding. Granted, your neighbor is shady as hell and the player has every right to be suspicious … but I don’t know if that is grounds for a breaking and entering.

While I’m intrigued, it makes me feel a bit weirded out. You’re essentially a creepy stalker with no concept of privacy or personal bounds. I don’t care what dark secret your neighbor has hidden away, that’s just not cool.

What is even creepier is that every time you get caught, you’re sent back home, only to keep trying to break into your neighbor’s home again. Each and every time your neighbor gets wiser, setting up traps and lurking around areas you’ve been to before, and who can blame him. It kind of begs the question – who exactly is the bad guy here?

Sadly, the concept of Hello Neighbor doesn’t seem to be enough to save it. Several reviews range from mixed to negative, mainly because to the game’s wonky physics and mechanics. Down the line, I hope to give the game a try. Being uncomfortable with a game seems to be my new thing.

Hello Neighbor is available now on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Xbox One.

Session, A Game Made by Skate Fans for Skate Fans Nears It’s Kickstarter Goal

A screenshot from the Kickstarter game, Session.
The new king of the grind?

Session, a game with the heart of the Skate franchise is more than halfway to its Kickstarter goal. The spiritual successor has reached more than $40,000 and 1,259 backers in less than two days.

The Kickstarter for the game went live yesterday, requesting $62,652. Some of the more loftier stretch goals start at $130,000, which include customization options, new hubs to skate in, level editors and online multiplayer. The final stretch goal offers players the chance to mod the game via the Steam Workshop if the project reaches $620,000.

Developer crea-ture Studios, seeks to create an authentic skateboarding experience, describing Session as a skateboarding simulation game. Its control scheme seeks to match the real-life movements of skaters, with each analog stick representing the right and left foot. Crea-ture Studios hopes that this will translate to the experimentation of skateboarding culture.

Crea-ture Studios is a new studio based in Montreal, Canada. The Kickstarter for Session ends December 21 of this year. Potential backers can find out more about the game on its Kickstarter page and can even download the prototype demo to give it a try. Session has been confirmed for both Early Access on Steam and Xbox One if successful.

Renegade’s Radar: 2017 Xbox One Exclusives You Might Be Interested In

An Xbox One with a controller on the side.
Are Xbox One fans looking forward to any of these games?

It’s fair to say that Sony’s PlayStation 4 catalog of exclusive games are killing it. So much so that they outshine anything on the Xbox One. It’s become pretty common at this point for gamers to say that Xbox One “has no games,” making for a worrisome statement. Even I’m guilty of making this assumption.

I personally blame Microsoft. Aside from a very bloated, tech-heavy reveal of Project Scorpio, everything is quite on the Xbox front. After doing some further digging, I’ve found a few gems from Microsoft that tells a different story about their exclusive lineup. Will it be enough to get fans excited? Continue reading Renegade’s Radar: 2017 Xbox One Exclusives You Might Be Interested In

Enhanced Consoles: Good or Bad Idea?

Sony's enhanced console, the PS4 Pro.
Are you upgrading for 4K resolution?
The PS4 Pro just dropped, and next year the Xbox One’s Scorpio is set to release. I don’t know how to feel about these enhanced consoles yet. They are cool in concept, but do they bring enough to the table to justify replacing your current machine? Continue reading Enhanced Consoles: Good or Bad Idea?

Microsoft and the Exclusivity Issue

Microsoft's Xbox logo.
Microsoft has trouble competing when it comes to exclusive games.


One of Microsoft’s highly anticipated games, Scalebound, was canceled. News that shocked many fans eagerly anticipating this Platinum Games Xbox One exclusive. Honestly, this is worse news for Platinum than Microsoft. However, it is important to note that Microsoft has a problem. Where Sony champions their exclusive games, Microsoft still struggles to move past franchises like Halo and Gears of Wars. Continue reading Microsoft and the Exclusivity Issue

Renegade Plays Has a YouTube Channel!

Banner image for Renegade Plays.
More content from Renegade Plays on YouTube.

Good news everyone! I have a YouTube Channel. It’s nothing much right now. I have three videos uploaded from my plays with the For Honor and Injustice 2 betas. However, I’m hoping to add more every weekend. I’m getting some more gaming done on the weekends and want to share it with everyone!

So far, every video is just gameplay but I’m working on adding commentary in the future. For now, bear with me and I hope you enjoy. Let me know what games you want to see me play and share in the future.

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