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Batman: Arkham Origin Gameplay Demo


It amazing what the Batman: Arkham series has done. It has not only proven that license games can be good, it has proven they can be some of the greatest games of this generation. While the new Batman: Arkham Origins is not being made by the fantastic Rocksteady Studios, it seems to be in the capable hands of Warner Bros. Montreal.

Arkham Origins looks to be more of the same Batman game and that is not a bad thing. The same great combat is intact and so is exploring the many alleys and structures of Gotham City. Batman has a lot more ground to cover as more of the City is available for him to explore (it might be twice as large as Arkham City). Also the demo hints at a different variety of enemies that Batman will have to face, like the martial artist who can counter just like him and armored enemies who require using different moves to dispatch.

The most interesting upgrade to Arkham Origins is the enhanced detective mode. It is far more interactive then the previous Arkham games, allowing you to reconstruct crime scene using the clues you find. It is a bit jarring to see Batman with all these upgrades and enhancements considering this is a prequel and he did not have them in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. I suppose gameplay trumps all.  The video below of the gameplay demo gives a more depth into the new features of the game.

Batman: Arkham Origins comes out October 25, 2013