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Session, A Game Made by Skate Fans for Skate Fans Nears It’s Kickstarter Goal

A screenshot from the Kickstarter game, Session.
The new king of the grind?

Session, a game with the heart of the Skate franchise is more than halfway to its Kickstarter goal. The spiritual successor has reached more than $40,000 and 1,259 backers in less than two days.

The Kickstarter for the game went live yesterday, requesting $62,652. Some of the more loftier stretch goals start at $130,000, which include customization options, new hubs to skate in, level editors and online multiplayer. The final stretch goal offers players the chance to mod the game via the Steam Workshop if the project reaches $620,000.

Developer crea-ture Studios, seeks to create an authentic skateboarding experience, describing Session as a skateboarding simulation game. Its control scheme seeks to match the real-life movements of skaters, with each analog stick representing the right and left foot. Crea-ture Studios hopes that this will translate to the experimentation of skateboarding culture.

Crea-ture Studios is a new studio based in Montreal, Canada. The Kickstarter for Session ends December 21 of this year. Potential backers can find out more about the game on its Kickstarter page and can even download the prototype demo to give it a try. Session has been confirmed for both Early Access on Steam and Xbox One if successful.

Metroid Woes – Filling the Void

Promo art for Metroid Fusion.
Oh Metroid, where art thou?

Boy, do I have a lot of woes lately. Anyway, I’ve had a recent craving for a Metroid– style game, and Nintendo seems unwilling to fill that void. It’s actually a bit frustrating to be a fan of the red-headed stepchild of the Nintendo family. Whenever the company does acknowledge that the series exist, it’s more like they are telling you “Here you go, now shut the fuck up.”

My only solution to these Metroid withdraws is to rummage through indie catalogs for the best imitators out there. I do this about once every year. It’s actually quite surprising how many of these developers are making amazing metroidvania games. Continue reading Metroid Woes – Filling the Void

What’s the Point of Video Game Movies?

An image of the Playstation "Micheal" commercial, featuring the actor who play Nathan Drake.
Does anybody actually want to see Uncharted on the big screen?

If there is one thing I hate seeing news about, it’s the troubling efforts of producers to try and get the Uncharted movie started. It infuriates me. Sometimes I feel like book readers do when their favorite novel is turned into a major feature film. A loud groan comes out of my mouth, follow by an emphatic why? Why does there need to be an Uncharted movie? Especially when the story is told so well in the game.

Continue reading What’s the Point of Video Game Movies?

Why Is Digimon World Re Digitize Decode Not Available In The U.S.?


I have a soft spot in my heart for the Digimon series. I dare say I even like it better than the more popular Pokemon series. The Digimon World games were always one the best parts of the franchise. Digimon World Re Digitize Decode is an expanded 3DS version of the PSP game that came out a year ago. It plays similar to the first Digimon World game that came out on the PS One more than a decade ago. So far the game is Japan only and it really makes sad, as I would love to play a new Digimon World game.

Xbox One Will Be Able To Redeem Codes Through Kinect


Gone are the days of mistyping long 25 digit codes in order to redeem money or pre-order bonuses. Xbox corporate vice president Marc Whitten says that the new Kinect will be able to scan QR codes and make it easier for players to redeem credit, Xbox Live Gold subscriptions and many others. I guess there is one plus to the always connected, always on and all seeing camera.

Deadpool Gameplay Video is Part Awesome, Part Hilarious


I am just going to say that at one point in this gameplay video Deadpool pulls a bouncy house out of thin air for no other reason than jumping on it.

The gameplay for the new Deadpool game looks like you basic hack and slash fun, but it is Deadpool 4th wall breaking comedy that really makes the game stand out. Between Deadpool’s inner monologue with multiple personalities and mocking classic video game tropes that we have come to accept, this game might just be worth it just to hear Deadpool speak. Also, “Laws of physics be damned”.

Deadpool arrives tomorrow, June 25, for PS3 and Xbox.


Update: Launch Trailer

Full Details of the Changes to Xbox One Polices


Let me first start by saying that no matter if your a Sony Fan-boy, you hate Microsoft or just do not like the Xbox, today is a great day to be a gamer and consumer. With the removal of all the polices Microsoft had planned for the Xbox One, it goes to show that as gamers our voice matters and this day is a win for consumer ownership.

With Microsoft getting rid of all the restrictions they had in store for the Xbox One, this will surely put them back in a competitive position by the time the system launches. However, it should be noted that the Xbox One will still cost $500 and there will be a hefty day one patch in order make all these changes possible. There is a lot of information to take into account from this announcement and here the breakdown of everything Microsoft has officially said:

  • Internet connection is not required for you to play games offline – This means that the Xbox One no longer need to check in online every 24 hours in order for you to play your games.
  • Used games work like they do now – Once you buy a game, you can resell, trade, lend and rent games at your own pleasure. There are no restrictions to how many friends you can lend games to and the game’s disc will not be block.
  • Dowloadable games are playable offline – You can download full games on its released date and a lack of internet connection will not prevent you from playing them.
  • There is no region locking – This means you can buy games from other countries and they will be playable on the Xbox One
  • When you first buy the system, internet connection will be required in order have all these features.

The full article from Microsoft can be found here.

Damsel in Distress Part 1 and 2

damsel in distress

I know I am a little late to the party, but wow is this series interesting. Some the biggest problems in the video game industry is the portrayal of minorities and females. Touching on the subject of Women is Antia Sarkeesian’s video series Damsel in Distress, which discusses how the classic trope has been apart of video games since the early days of the NES.

There a points that she makes in her analysis of the subject that I have never even noticed before watching this, because these were parts of video games that I have accepted as the norm. I suppose as a male, it is much harder for me to have seen the problems with the portrayal of females in certain types of media. Antia Sarkessian’s Damsel in Distress is a truly informative and insightful look at the subject and I look forward to seeing more from this series.

Part 1 discusses classic video games and Part 2 discusses modern games. I urge people to pay attention to this series and subscribe to Sarkessian’s YouTube channel Feminist Frequency.

Part 1

Part 2

Transistor E3 Gameplay Demo


I’m already loving Transistor more than Bastion and SuperGiant Games’ gameplay demo is making me love it even more. The ultra sci-fi, big brother setting of the game is one of the most beautiful art styles I have seen in a game.

The story looks interesting as well, with the main character, Red, finding the Transistor, a powerful weapon which is inhabited by the soul of a man she was once close to. The man seems to play a similar role to the Narrator in Bastion, instead he talks directly to Red as they progress throughout the game. Both Red and the man are trying to prevent the enemies known as the “Process” who controls the world from getting their hands on the Transistor.

SuperGiant seems to be taking a more strategic approach to gameplay with the “Turn” mechanic. Essentially, “Turn” let’s you stop time and plan out Red’s attacks and movements. This can also be applied to a few of the games puzzles as well. While this may seem like it would make the game too easy, you have to wait for “Turn” to recharge in order to use it again. Also enemies move very fast and are plenty strong, so you have to plan out your attacks carefully.

Transistor is becoming more and more impressive each time it is shown. I cannot wait to play this on the PS4. You can watch the E3 gameplay video below.