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Sunset Overdrive Brings the Quirky Back To Insomniac Games


The quirky Sunset Overdrive impresses at this year’s E3. The demo for the Xbox One exclusive proves that Insomniac still has all the charm and fun they have brought to past game. Showing off jumping, grinding and all the mutant shooting you could want. Also there is 8 player co-op. The game arrives October 28th.

Renegade’s Radar: Sunset Overdrive


Insomniac gives us our first look at its upcoming Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive and well …. is saying something is so “Insomniac” a term? Unlike Insomniac’s last game, Fuse, this game seem to have more of their style and charm. I honestly don’t know what to call this game. It is like an odd blend of open-world, zombie-shooter with elements of Ratchet and Clank. Strangely enough the game reminds me of Epic’s on seemingly vansihed game Fortnite. The mission statement for them seems to be, “make this game as crazy as possible”, which fits Insomniac’s style. So I’ll be keeping up with this one just to see how crazy they can get.

Xbox One Games


Microsoft may have had their worse E3 due to the fact that their online requirements and used game DRM completely overshadowed their best press conference in years. However, we forget that there are a ton of games coming to the system. Not just games, but exclusive games and they all look promising. If we are willing to look past the Xbox One’s anti-consumer policies for a second, there are a lot of reasons for gamers to be excited for what the system has to offer. Killer Instinct, TitanFall, Crimson Dragon, Ryse, Sunset Overdrive and much more where shown this year.

Here are the games Microsoft had to show this year.

Insomniac Games announces Sunset Overdrive Exclusively for Xbox One

Ted Price, president of Insomniac Studies (who are responsible for PS3 Franchises Ratchet and Clank and Resistance), stepped on the Microsoft press conference stage to announce their first exclusive Xbox game, Sunset Overdrive.

Update: Trailer