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Street Fighter V Gameplay Trailer, Exclusive For Good

Capcom properly announced Street Fighter V during the Playstation Experience keynote. From the gameplay trailer it looks like it retain most of the old gameplay found in Street Fighter IV. What’s intriguing is what looks to be environment damage as the fight expands the level.

According to Sony’s Adam Boyes, “PS4 will be the only console this game ever appears on.” More reports are saying that Sony is actually helping develop the game itself, which could be the reason Street Fighter V may not ever come to other consoles. As for other editions like a Super, Ultra or Arcade Edition in the same vein as Street Fighter IV, maybe that will be a loop hole for future releases.

Street Fighter V Announced For PS4, Trailer

The trailer for Capcom’s Street Fighter V leaked online early this morning, ahead of the plethora of announcement happening this weekend. The most interesting news about this announcement is that it’s a PS4 exclusive. We seem to be seeing Sony step up its game and grabbing just as many third party exclusives as Microsoft.