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Video Games – A Matter of Pricing

A picture of Tracer from Overwatch, a game priced at $60 upon release.
How much are certain games worth to you?

How much is a game truly worth? That’s a question I asked myself pretty often. Pricing a video game is very much different than a movie or music album. Yes, we know the standard pricing for a video game is $60, but not every game holds equal value and sometimes I struggle with that.  Continue reading Video Games – A Matter of Pricing

Standard Price For Xbox One Games Revealed


Via Kotaku, Microsoft has told them that first-party Xbox One games will cost $60. They have also stated that third-party publishers determine themselves the pricing of their games.

Sony has yet to announce the standard pricing of PS4 games. Due to inflation, $60 today is like paying around $50 in 2006. 2006 is the year both the Xbox 360 and PS3 were new to consumers. The fear is that Sony might decide to charge $70 for PS4 games in order to keep making the same profit as they have before. However, in February Sony’s CEO Jack Tretton gave hints to CNBC what the pricing of games might look like on the PS4. He stated:

“We’re going to welcome free-to-play models, games from $0.99 up to those $60 games.”

All will be revealed this November.

PS4 Pricing Rumor


Via Ign, rumor has that the PS4 will have three different prices for different versions, ranging from $399 to $599. If this is true the console will range from being affordable to completely expensive. Nothing about what the difference between these three PS4 models might be, more than likely all will be revealed tonight at Sony’s press Conference.