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Pokkén Tournament Looks Every Bit As Bizarre As I Thought It Would In This New Gameplay Demonstration

Pokkén Tournament is definitively a Pokémon fighting game made by Tekkén creator Katsuhiro Harada and it looks weird and fantastic. Go ahead and skipped to  8:46 mark for the games newest trailer and anyone can finish watching the rest of the video to see the live gameplay.

The best part about the newest trailer is the confirmation that players will be able to choose Pokémon of all shapes and sizes and most importantly  fight as Pokémon other than fighting types. It is interesting that this game looks more like Cyberconnect Naruto games than Tekkén. Especially with the outlandish movements and camera facing the players back.

Still no Wii U release announced but it is unlikely that it won’t come to the console or the west.

The Pokemon Company Announces Pokken Tournament


This morning The Pokemon Company decided to announce a new Pokemon fight game developed by Tekken creators Namco Bandai games, titled Pokken Tournament. Said to appeal to all types of audiences, both casual and hardcore, Pokken Tournament is supposed to release for Japanese arcades next year. No word on console or a western release.

Pretty interesting to see a fighting game developed by the Tekken Team based on Pokemon. I’m really starting to like the new form of collaboration Nintendo has with it’s third-party partners. I have said before that given their franchises to them would be a smart move and it’s to be paying off. Another co-developed game coming out soon is Hyrule Warriors which seems likely to do well. Lets hope of a console and western announcement soon.