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New Japanese Pokemon X and Y Trailer


While most of content in this Japanese Pokemon X and Y trailer isn’t fairly new, there are some things in here we may have not seen yet. Like the customizing your character, horde battles, a closer look at sky battles and the PSS (Player Search System). They also show off the Xerneas-Yveltal Blue 3DS, one of two Japan only special edition 3DS’ coming out. The other being the Premium Gold edition.



Pokemon X and Y arrives October 12th worldwide.

New Pokemon X and Y Info

june_new_p7_05 june_new_p8_03

It seems that E3 has opened the flood gates of news for Pokemon X and Y. According to the official Pokemon Website players will  start in Vaniville Town and will head toward Santalune City, where they will battle the first Gym Leader Viola. The website doesn’t say what type of leader Viola is, but from the looks of the gym I would guess she is a bug type gym leader.


The site also details a group of friends you will encounter frequently throughout your adventure. Shauna, Tierno, Trevor and the male or female counterpart to your character, who will all have their own Pokemon and Pokedexes. Several new Pokemon are also detailed, including Litleo, Flabebe, Scatterbug and Spewpa, which you can see in the trailer below. Pokemon X and Y are shaping up very nicely and I can easily say I’m excited for whatever more info they throw our way.

Full details on the Pokemon website.


Nintendo Direct Wrap-Up


The Special E3 Nintendo Direct streamed this morning with the announcement of a handful of games and information on some we already knew about. I expected Nintendo to blow our socks of with whatever they had to show and I just didn’t get that feeling. It seemed like they played it too safe and stuck to their guns. Anyway, here are the announcements from this morning’s presentation:

  • Pokemon X and Y releasse October 12, 2013 worldwide for the 3Ds.
  • A new fairy type pokemon has been announced, this is the 18th Pokemon type
  • Super Mario 3d World announced for the Wii U, releasing around December 2013
  • Mario Kart 8 Announced with hover cars, set to drop spring of 2014
  • Wii Fit U and Wii Party have been delayed
  • Art Academy announced for Wii U
  • Zelda Wind Waker HD release October in West and September in Japan
  • Wonderful 101 has 5 player Co-op
  • Retro’s new game is another Donkey Kong for the Wii U, titled Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze
  • Smash Bros. debuts with returning characters Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Kirby, Star Fox and Pit. New Characters include Villager from Animal Crossing and the Blue Bomber himself Mega Man. The games won’t be out until sometime in 2014 for Wii U and 3DS.