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Sony Just Added 105 Games To PlayStation Now And I Need To Know Who’s Using This?

Ok seriously,  I need to know who is using PlayStation now? Sony just added 105 games to its streaming service and that means there has got to be some type of big demand for it. I’m begging any small amount of people who read my post to comment on this. 

I get the idea of PS Now and it’s pretty solid. Except for the part where the subscription and rentals are overpriced. America doesn’t even crack the top 10 when it comes to fastest internet service, so I can’t imagine it working very well an unless you have your console connected directly to your modem there are bound to be fustrations. 

If PS Now came in at a cheaper price, then I’d be more than happy to buy in and rent from a hug catalog of PS3 games. I mean I’m all for renting games on my console. It’s something I’ve wanted for the longest. However, I’ve always thought of it more as you download the game and have like a week to play it before it locks you out. That way there is no connection problems. Maybe I should take a weekend and try it to see if it’s really worth the price of admission. 

Renegade Countdown: Top 5 Sony E3 Predictions


What a year it has been for Sony since E3 2013. They started off the with a strong showing at last year’s E3 and have made the PS4 one of the fastest selling consoles. However, I would not congratulate Sony just yet. They have had their share of bumps in the road as well. Between money issues, game cancellations and layoffs, they still have something to prove with the PS4 approaching its second year. So here are the Top 5 Sony E3 Predicitions:

5. Vita Gets The Spotlight


I am a big fan of the Vita. I play it more then my 3DS and just about everyone that owns one is satisfied. However the problem is getting people to buy the damn thing. This year I think Sony is going to try and rectify that and have a moment for Vita to shine. While indies are the pride and joy of the Vita, I think some big Triple A games are coming to the system. Something Sony can market. Despite the less than stellar port of Borderlands 2 on Vita, big games still work.  I can’t say exactly but I think the Vita will its moment this year. Also, here is hoping for Gravity Rush 2!