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Finding the Perfect Marvel Comic Book/Video Game Developer Combo – Black Nerd Problems

I dreamed up a couple of Marvel heroes and the game developers I’d like to see make their game. What’s your perfect Marvel Heroes/Game Developer mashup? Read on Black Nerd Problems.

Let’s play a fun game. We all love comic books. We all love video games. As we’ve all talked about before, we especially love it when the two come together. The intersection between the two is always getting better and better. Sometimes the right comic book finds the perfect video game developer who can put you in the boots of your favorite superhero. With games like Marvel’s AvengersMarvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and even Fortnite‘s recent Nexus event dawning upon us I figured we could look at a few other Marvel heroes and pair them up with some of our favorite video game studios.


Kingdom Hearts Creator Is Interested In Adding Star Wars and Marvel To The Franchise


According to Polygon, Tetsuya Nomura, creator of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, is very much interested in adding Star Wars and Marvel to the Kingdom Hearts series. He states:

Of course it would be great if we could add those licenses as well.

But there are lots of rules and restrictions by Disney so we can’t actually put in everything people want.

So it’s a quite difficult decision but we’re gonna prepare some surprises for you so, just wait for the information.

While this may mean very little towards becoming an actual reality, all it takes is a little spark to cause an uproar. With Nomura saying he is interested in having those characters and worlds in the game, let the fan art commence, the rant videos begin and keep the fans dreaming. In fact, start here. What Star Wars and Marvel character would you like to see in the next Kingdom Hearts?