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What the Fuck Is Even Happening in the New Metal Gear Trailer!? — Black Nerd Problems

ICYMI: Metal Gear Survive Released a Single-Player Trailer and I had some thoughts … Anyway, feel free to click the link at the bottom to Black Nerd Problems to find out more.

Okay! Hold up, take it back now y’all, throw down the reverse card, flag on the play! We need to take a second here. Bruh. I feel like I just watched someone’s weird Metal Gear fan fiction, and that’s saying a lot. The Metal Gear franchise has always been the weird brainchild of Hideo Kojima’s madness but there was a method to it. There was always the feeling that every cryptic, LSD-laced trailer would lead to something mind-blowing. Metal Gear Survive’s latest trailer is just … What?

via What the Fuck Is Even Happening in the New Metal Gear Trailer!? — Black Nerd Problems

Metal Gear Online (MGSV) Multiplayer Trailer

Konami showed off new gameplay for Metal Gear Online. Wow does it look great. It has a somewhat quirky charm and the mix of stealth and action looks fun as hell. Also, who doesn’t appreciate some good vocal work from Kiefer Sutherland.

Metal Gear Online comes with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain sometime in 2015.

Kojima Interested In Metal Gear Solid Being Remade For Next Gen

Looks like Metal Gear Solid fans may go through the same pain as Final Fantasy VII fans. Creator of the Metal Gear Solid series, Hideo Kojima, has expressed his desire to see the PS One classic remade using the Fox Engine. With as good as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain looks, I’m sure fans are foaming at the mouth.

GameReactor has the full scoop, where Kojima says the project would have to be done by another studio and he is searching for one that is capable of pulling it off. He also would like to update the gameplay. What say you Metal Gear fans? Are you ready to dream the dream that may never come true? I hear the Final Fantasy VII fans have a support group you might want to look into.