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Deadpool Gameplay Video is Part Awesome, Part Hilarious


I am just going to say that at one point in this gameplay video Deadpool pulls a bouncy house out of thin air for no other reason than jumping on it.

The gameplay for the new Deadpool game looks like you basic hack and slash fun, but it is Deadpool 4th wall breaking comedy that really makes the game stand out. Between Deadpool’s inner monologue with multiple personalities and mocking classic video game tropes that we have come to accept, this game might just be worth it just to hear Deadpool speak. Also, “Laws of physics be damned”.

Deadpool arrives tomorrow, June 25, for PS3 and Xbox.


Update: Launch Trailer

Witch and 100 Knight Gameplay Trailer Finally Debuts


In development since April 2010, Nippon Ichi finally debuts gameplay footage of their upcoming action RPG Witch and 100 Knights for the PS3. Retaining the same quirky style and over the top gameplay of all other Nippon Ichi titles, look forward to Witch and 1oo Knights in North America sometime at the end of this year.

Theif Gameplay


IGN has a live demo of the first-person stealth reboot to Thief.  Look interesting, I like the idea of playing with the environment and carefully planning out attacks in order to prevent yourself from getting caught. Besides, there are not many first person games that don’t involve just running and gunning. I kind of excited about this one, can’t wait to see more.

Infamous: Second Son Gameplay Trailer


Sony debuts a new gameplay trailer showing off Infamous: Second Son in action for the first time. From what is looks like Delsin Rowe moves, fights and  plays just like Cole Macgrath. All the gameplay is familiar to anyone who has played any of the games in the Infamous series. What looks interesting is how Delsin’s smoke based powers interact with the environment as he teleports through walls and vents. There seems to be a variety to what the enemies can do as well, hopefully Sony and Suckerpunch show off more throughout the year.

Infamous: Second Son in due out Spring 2014

Smash Bros. Breakdown Trailer


Creator of Smash Bros., Masahrio Sakurai, breaks down some of the new features and differences between the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game. Showing off Stages, Character design changes, new characters, blah, blah, blah, blah, it’s freaking Smash Bros., IT’S FREAKING SMASH BROS., IT’S FREAKING SMASH BROS. Sorry I kind of had a moment there, I am going to try and stay professional. Anyway here’s the trailer.