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Pokemon Sun and Moon: The Novelty

Pokémon Sun and Moon's logos, side-by-side.
The next generation of pokémon looks bright.

I’m not going to talk about how the last two generations of Pokémon games have copied some of Digimon’s best moves. To be entirely honest – even though I prefer Digimon – the series, featuring digital monsters, copied Pokémon first. However, I will say this, the last two Pokémon games have found life in adding gameplay elements that we could only dream of on the playground. It’s the novelty of Sun and Moon that is winning new and old fans alike.

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GameFreak Announces Pokemon Bank, Two Starters and Custom Pokemon X and Y 3DS XLs


Today’s very early Nintendo Direct, dedicated to Pokemon X and Y, had some very big announcements. First off, Game Freak started the Direct with the announcement of Pokemon Bank, which is an application that allow players to store their Pokemon online. Pokemon Bank contain 100 boxes and allow players to manage 3,000 Pokemon. The Pokemon Bank makes it noticeably easier for people with both versions of the game to transfer Pokemon from one game to another without the need for two systems.

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New Pokemon Honedge Revealed


A new Pokemon, Honedge, was revealed today. He is a Steel/Ghost type in the form of a sword. According to the official Pokemon X and Y Website:

Honedge comes into being when a departed spirit inhabits a sword that once belonged to humans. It can use the blue cloth attached to its hilt as nimbly as an arm. If you were to carelessly take this blade in hand, you may find that blue cloth wrapping around you…draining the energy from your body!

Umm … Kind of creepy. Sometimes you have to love Pokemon descriptions, they can be equally disturbing and quite awesome. So far the only move confirmed for this new Pokemon is Swords Dance. With more and more being revealed for X and Y, the anticipation for October 12 just grows each day. For now, enjoy some screens of Honedge in action while we all painfully wait.

july_sword_1 july_sword_2 july_sword_3