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Watch The Game Awards Live On Renegade Plays!

Update: It’s Over!

The Game Awards premiers for the first time this weekend starting at 9pm Est/6pm Pt tonight. While many gamers have been spurned by award shows before, there are a few positives to look at:

  1. It’s not run by Viacom, who is responsible for all the groan inducing moments from functions like the Spike Video Game Awards.
  2. It’s backed by major game developers, companies and game news sites like Nintendo, Sony, Mircosoft, Rockstar, Killscreen, IGN and the LA Times.
  3. Video Game Announcements.

Lets be honest, the only point you care about is that third one. The game announcements are the probably the only reason gamers watch these things but at least it probably won’t be as annoying to get through as past events. Right?