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The Boredom of Chris | Fall Guys: The Big Yeetus Meletus

Failure, loss, broken dreams. The Big Yeetus takes no prisoners as I frustratingly complete for that number one spot. Watch me fail (and fall?) over and over again as I try to get used to Fall Guys’ latest update and the arrival of the Big Yeetus.



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‘Fall Guys’ is the Battle Royale for Those Who Just Want to Have Fun

Fall Guys might be the best battle royale out right now simply because it gives players the even playing field that most other battle royale games don’t seem to have. Find out why no matter what you’ll have fun with this game by reading on Black Nerd Problems.

Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends. You can have them. It seems like every single time I try to dive right into a new battle royal game, I’m put off by each of their complexities and the steep learning curve it takes to get good. It’s intimidating. Battle royale games can do that to you. You’re in for a couple of minutes and before you know it, it’s over before it even started. Sometimes you just want to have fun. Sometimes you just want to flail around aimlessly towards the goal without a care in the world.

Fall Guys is the new kid on the battle royale block and unless you’ve been under a rock, it’s kind of a big deal. Unlike most of the other games in this genre, Fall Guys isn’t a shooter. No, this is a platformer. Actually, it’s a game show. Wait, no, it’s like you took a bunch of bean shape ragdolls and made them compete in a variety of games and obstacle courses. Yeah, that last one sounds right.