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Street Fighter V Announced For PS4, Trailer

The trailer for Capcom’s Street Fighter V leaked online early this morning, ahead of the plethora of announcement happening this weekend. The most interesting news about this announcement is that it’s a PS4 exclusive. We seem to be seeing Sony step up its game and grabbing just as many third party exclusives as Microsoft.

Ninja Theory Announces New Game HellBlade Coming to PS4

Is it a sequel/spinoff to Heavenly Sword? Is that Kai in the trailer? Though Ninja Theory is calling this game an entirely new IP, it sure looks like it. Also, the name HellBlade sure seems like something that connects to the 2007 PS3 cult classic.  Nevertheless, the trailer is something to certainly get excited for. Here is to hoping that is does connect to the Heavenly Sword because despite its faults its a world I would love to get back to.

Rise of The Tomb Raider Becomes an Xbox One Exclusive


Well, well, well. Score one for Microsoft. Today they announced that the highly anticipated sequel to the Tomb Raider reboot, Rise of the Tomb Raider, is coming exclusively to the Xbox One. Seeing as many thought this would be a multi-platform game coming to both systems this is a big win for the system that has been doing nothing but turning its image around since the reveal.

Here’s the press release from crystal dynamics:

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