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OUYA Arrives Today


The little Android console that could is available to purchase today for the small, small price of $99. Last year developer, OUYA Inc., ran a kickstarter that raised an astounding $8.5 million to bring the console to life. The basic idea behind the OUYA is a cheap console that runs on the Android operating system and is easily accessible, allowing owners to freely develop games, hack or mod the console.

The console’s public debut has not been without its share of problems. Many of the backers (people who donated money to the kickstarter), who were promised an OUYA shipped to them on launch day, have not received their console. Despite the hiccups, the OUYA is still a very interesting addition to the gaming industry. It is essentially an indie gamers and developers dream. Without the barriers of having to deal with big name companies, the tiny 3×3 console could be the place to go for many great and overlooked games. I will be watching very closely to see how much of any impact the system will have and just might pick one up in the near future.

Pokemon Gameplay Trailer 3


Along with the news that Nintendo and Game Freak are exploring the possibility of DLC and Transferring Pokemon from previous games, a new trailer has debuted showing air battles, caves and new Pokemon.

Pokemon X and Y releases October 12, 2013

PS4 Pricing Rumor


Via Ign, rumor has that the PS4 will have three different prices for different versions, ranging from $399 to $599. If this is true the console will range from being affordable to completely expensive. Nothing about what the difference between these three PS4 models might be, more than likely all will be revealed tonight at Sony’s press Conference.