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The Troubling Case of the 3DS

An image of the new 3DS.
Will the Switch ever make it pass the 3DS’ shadow?

After years and years of pushing out hit or miss home consoles, there is always one thing Nintendo has going for it. It’s the fact that they own the handheld gaming market. Now, with the imminent arrival of the Switch, one has to wonder – where does the 3DS fall into this? Continue reading The Troubling Case of the 3DS

Nintendo Announces Development of Mobile Games And New Console


In a press event today, Nintendo announced that they now have a partnership with DeNA, a Japanese mobile game company, to start development of new smartphone games featuring Nintendo characters. All games made by DeNA will be original games and not simply ports of existing Nintendo games. Nintendo made sure to note that this move is not a sign that they are moving away from dedicated video game systems.


Nintendo hasn’t said much about it’s new console, expect that its codenamed “NX” and will be next generation hardware with a “new concept”. More will be revealed next year in 2016.

My theory is that this might be a successor to the 3DS, which might also take advantage of Nintendo’s new deal with DeNa. It would be far to soon to announce a successor to the Wii U, especially when it seems to have just found its stride.

I don’t really know how to feel about Nintendo making smartphone games. I somewhat feel like they are only doing so to satisfy investor interest. However, I also feel like they are taking advantage of the situation to change the quality of games that come out of the mobile market. It would be interesting to see if Nintendo could change the whole landscape of mobile game, especially if they are going to be paid games. They were so adamant about not going into the mobile market so gamers should be in for an interesting year.

Nintendo Unveils The “New” 3DS


Today during their Japanese Direct, Nintendo announced the “new” 3DS ….. which seems to have the worlds smallest second analog. Whatever, whether it’s small or not at least it’s there.The second analog (which they are dubbing the c stick) will be used as camera controls for games like Monster hunter 4, Final Fantasy Explorers and as smash attack for Smash Bros for 3ds.


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