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YouTube videos and Twitch Streams from me and others around the web.

Renegade Presents Control Gaming’s Pokemon TCG Twitch Stream

Hey Everyone! While Renegade Plays would like to play every game out there, I am only one man with very little money. So I seek out help from other friends and colleagues who are also doing there own thing. So if you are interested in board games I present to you Control Gaming’s Marvel Dice Masters and Pokemon TCG Twitch Stream. I know a few people interested in Pokemon TCG and Marvel Dice Masters seems like a fun new game to get into. The stream should run every Wednesday and you can find it on Renegade Plays as well as on Twitch at 6pm EST.


Renegade Presents Mello’s Gladiator Championship Gaming Tournament


A good friend of Renegade Plays, Winston Correa aka Mello ran his Gladiator Championship Gaming Tournament earlier this week. Five rounds, five games. Winner gets bragging rights. The bracket is up above and the tournament is down below. Games include Bomberman, Blazeblue: Clamity Trigger, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Rayman Origins and Castle Crashers. I’m a bit excited to see how the Rayman Origins one goes. Have fun watching!


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