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YouTube videos and Twitch Streams from me and others around the web.

Renegade Plays: Bloodborne Nights – Small Victories

I FINALLY BEAT MY FIRST BOSS!!! … I know it took me forever, but leave me alone, alright. I’m not crying, I’m crying. Anyway, for those of you who don’t know, I bought Bloodborne over a year ago. It kicked my ass and ever since, I have avoided it like the plague. I mustered the courage to try again and now I feel accomplished. It wasn’t the pretty win but taking down my first boss in Bloodborne felt so good. Hopefully, I’ll post more adventures of me getting my ass kicked.

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Renegade Plays: Doom Days – Taking Down a Boss

I’m not going to lie. I died a couple of times while trying to defeat this boss … but you don’t need to see that. Anyway, I had fun taking down this boss. Doom doesn’t have too many bosses. So this was a nice surprise.

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Renegade Plays: Doom Days – Clearing the Room

Doom has become the best part of my weekends. Nothing relaxes the mind more than dragging your virtual knuckles through a demon’s skull. What I love most about Doom is how much it retains the feel of the original. It’s fast paced, unapologetic, mindless action makes it fun to power through.

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Renegade Plays: Injustice 2 – Black Canary vs. Atrocitus

Late night playing the Injustice 2 beta. Practicing my Black Canary. I managed to squeeze a few wins in before this guy started handing me my ass again. Black Canary is an interesting character to play as in Injustice 2. She is great for closing the distance and her Canary Cry works wonders at full range.

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Renegade Plays Has a YouTube Channel!

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Good news everyone! I have a YouTube Channel. It’s nothing much right now. I have three videos uploaded from my plays with the For Honor and Injustice 2 betas. However, I’m hoping to add more every weekend. I’m getting some more gaming done on the weekends and want to share it with everyone!

So far, every video is just gameplay but I’m working on adding commentary in the future. For now, bear with me and I hope you enjoy. Let me know what games you want to see me play and share in the future.

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Renegade Presents Tri_Age’s Warframe Twitch Stream

Interested in some next-gen action? Look no further than Esteban Advincola’s  (aka Tri_Age) Warframe Twitch Stream! If you don’t know Warframe is a free -to-play, 3rd person, Sci-fi shooter with some pretty cool elements. This is a weekend affair so if you are down to watch some interesting gameplay, it starts 8pm EST Friday, 5 pm EST Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy!


Renegade Presents Control Gaming’s Pokemon TCG Twitch Stream

Hey Everyone! While Renegade Plays would like to play every game out there, I am only one man with very little money. So I seek out help from other friends and colleagues who are also doing there own thing. So if you are interested in board games I present to you Control Gaming’s Marvel Dice Masters and Pokemon TCG Twitch Stream. I know a few people interested in Pokemon TCG and Marvel Dice Masters seems like a fun new game to get into. The stream should run every Wednesday and you can find it on Renegade Plays as well as on Twitch at 6pm EST.


Renegade Presents Mello’s Gladiator Championship Gaming Tournament


A good friend of Renegade Plays, Winston Correa aka Mello ran his Gladiator Championship Gaming Tournament earlier this week. Five rounds, five games. Winner gets bragging rights. The bracket is up above and the tournament is down below. Games include Bomberman, Blazeblue: Clamity Trigger, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Rayman Origins and Castle Crashers. I’m a bit excited to see how the Rayman Origins one goes. Have fun watching!


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