My Most Anticipated Games of 2018

Ohhh, it’s that time of year again! The time where the year winds down to its final days and we all look towards the future. In the case of this nerd, that means making a list of games coming in 2018.

Now, 2017 was a blockbuster year for video games. It seemed like every single month something new, good, and exciting hit store shelves. While I am ashamed that I didn’t get to play it all, I can still appreciate how amazing this year has been. The new year doesn’t look like it’s going let up. So, I cherry-picked five of the best video games announced to release next year. Let’s take a look.

Screenshot from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.
The ultimate Final Fantasy crossover is where it deserves to be.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Years ago, in 2008, Square Enix finally gave fans of the Final Fantasy franchise something that they could only dream of – a crossover fighting game … and they put it on the PSP. Listen, I’m a fan of the ill-fated console just like anybody else but  Dissidia Final Fantasy deserved so much better. The first two entries in the series were unique fighting games with fast-paced gameplay and a roster of heroes and villains to make any fan squeal like a 7-year-old on Christmas morning. Now, Square Enix is bringing the series to modern consoles in full force, adding some new additions to the game, as well as 3-on-3 combat. Sure, the story doesn’t make much sense but the chance to pit Noctis, Cloud, and Terra against Kefka, Sephiroth, and Golbez is one I will not pass on.


God of War screenshot.
A weary Kratos makes his return with his son by his side.

God of War

Kratos makes his return but not as you would expect, and it’s one of the reasons I’m excited for the latest entry in the God of War franchise. I’m a huge fan of the original God of War series but it could only go so far with the over-the-top blood and gore. It’s time the series evolved and everything shown from the newest iteration indicates a fresh start and closer, more personal look at our lead spartan in the aftermath of taking down the Greek gods. Kratos as a father, taking on the gods and creatures of  Norse mythology has me more than excited to jump back into the series once again.


Screenshot of Marvel's Spider-Man.
My boy Spidey looks like he’s finally going to get the game he deserves.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

This should be number one on my list but painfully, we just haven’t seen enough of Insomnaic’s Spider-Man game for me to put higher. Nevertheless, IT’S FRICKEN SPIDER-MAN!!! AND IT HAS MY BOY MILES MORALES IN IT!!! One of the pleasures of being a die-hard Spider-Man fan is the catalog of great games featuring the web head. Now, they haven’t all been perfect. Honestly, it has been too long since Spidey has had a great solo game. The last two that come to mind Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Ultimate Spider-Man. What makes the new PS4 title so promising is Insomnaic’s involvement. Granted, I haven’t warmed up to the costume or art style just yet but that gameplay is on point. A studio know for such classics as Ratchet and Clank and Resistance is sure to bring Spidey back to form.


Screenshot from Anthem.
Hopefully, EA doesn’t screw up a fresh start for Bioware.


I’m excited and I’m scared for Anthem. On one hand it’s a new massively ambitious game that Bioware gets to build from the ground up … and on the other hand it’s a game that is just begging for EA to ruin with various monetization elements. After Star Wars Battelfront 2’s rocky start and Mass Effect Andromeda faults, my fears are more than justified. Normally, I avoid online games like the plague – sometimes I can’t keep up playing regualarly or playing with others makes me anxious – but even I’m ready to dive fully into Anthem. Like everyone else I was floored with the demo Bioware showed at this year’s E3. I’m need to see more.


Screenshot for SoulCalibur VI.
The soul still burns.

SoulCalibur VI

I may not be a big online player but when it comes to fighting games, especially SoulCalibur, I’m am ready to throw down. Personally, SoulCalibur is a time-honored tradition between my father and I. Every entry that comes out brings us together to battle for pure, unadulterated bragging rights. Bandai Namco just recently announced SoulCalibur VI but early gameplay shows a lot of promise with the new Reversal Edge mechanic that allows players to perform a devastating counter-attacks on their enemies. Now, the only thing I need to know is WHERE THE HELL IS MY GUEST CHARACTER?!!!

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