Enhanced Consoles: Good or Bad Idea?

Sony's enhanced console, the PS4 Pro.
Are you upgrading for 4K resolution?
The PS4 Pro just dropped, and next year the Xbox One’s Scorpio is set to release. I don’t know how to feel about these enhanced consoles yet. They are cool in concept, but do they bring enough to the table to justify replacing your current machine?

What Do These Enhanced Consoles Offer?

The biggest selling point of the PS4 Pro is its 4K resolution capabilities. As long as you have a 4K television, you can experience the Pro to the fullest. It also comes with enhanced processsing power, allowing it to run games smoothly.

So far, all first party PS4 games will be able to run in 4K. The PS VR benefits from the enhanced power as well. As for the Xbox One’s planned Scorpio, not much is known until Microsoft reveals it.

Why I’m on the Fence

That’s about it. I don’t know about you but my games run great on my PS4 and Xbox One. There isn’t much to justify selling your old PS4 (which isn’t really that old) and shell out another $400 for the Pro.

4K is great and all but video games have reached a point where it is pretty hard to make an ugly game. I mean, you would really have to try to make a game look bad. As long as you have a PS4 and an HDTV, you are all good.

Another problem I have with these new enhanced Consoles is the possible impact they have. Say the Pro does well, which it might, does Sony and Microsoft start to get into the Apple mentality? Are they going to release a new console every two years, with minuscule upgrades? I would hate to start missing out on a full range of features because I can’t afford to keep switching my console.

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