2017 Video Games Are Killing It and My Ass Is Broke

Pictures of several 2017 video games.
2017 games are close, yet so far…

Let just all take a moment to salute the fact that it is only February and video games are absolutely killing 2017. Just look at the picture above! Among critics and fans, these games are making what is considered to be a contentious year bearable. Between a welcomed reinvention of Resident Evil to the arrival of great new IP’s like Nioh and For Honor, everyone has something to be excited about; no matter their taste. Sadly, there is only one problem with this – my ass is broke.

The Story Behind My Broke-Ass

Ok, so this past week I have taken a hit but for good reasons. My wonderful girlfriend and I are going on vacation to Spain and Germany. Buying the tickets and saving for the expenses has hit my wallet hard. But we plan to have a great time and meet with family and friends. Obviously, this puts a bit of a damper on how much money I can spend on gaming. Add in the fact that my PS Plus has run out and I have to choose very carefully which games I plan to buy.

AND OH MY GOD IS IT HARD! I’ve already let Gravity Rush 2, Resident Evil 7, For Honor and soon Horizon: Zero Dawn pass me. I’m dying here. I’m going to be honest and say that 2016 wasn’t my favorite year when it comes to games. There was not a lot for me to be excited about. This year, I have had the pleasure of playing the Gravity Rush 2 demo, Injustice 2 beta, and For Honor beta and my mouth is salivating for more.

I look at my friend’s list and they’re playing these new games without me. I’m dying here. I’ve been reduced to playing Bloodborne, a game that I have avoided playing for a year because I’m terrified of it. Yes, I’m a noob, let’s look past that. The point is I can only talk about these games from afar and it’s really killing my mood. I’m not asking any weird like donations or money, just pity. Pure solidarity in the struggle to play it all.

2017 Games That I’m Looking Forward To

So, with the pitiful story of my broke-ass done, let’s go through what I am and am not going to buy. I’m taking a pass on the Switch. While the console interests me, there isn’t enough at launch to warrant a purchase. I might give it a second thought towards the end of the year. I am going to buy Mass Effect Andromeda because I’m a whore for anything Mass Effect. After that, if I have enough money, Persona 5 and Injustice 2 are on my radar. The rest of these great, magnificent games are uncertain…

2 thoughts on “2017 Video Games Are Killing It and My Ass Is Broke”

  1. Luckily, for those of us who are a ‘broke,’ many of the games coming out in 2017 are large open-worlds with hours upon hours of things to do. So at least you’ll get your money’s worth this year.

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