Mobile Woes Pt. 2: Let Me Play

The header image for Fire Emblem Heroes.
I desperately want to play more of Fire Emblem Heroes.

After careful consideration, I’ve come to a conclusion – mobile games do not want me to play them. As much as I try, they fight me every which way.

In my last “Mobile Woes” post, I talked about Super Mario Run‘s chances on the iPhone and Android platform. I’ll admit that I was completely wrong. Currently, it sits at #7 on the App Store’s top free games charts and #57 on the platform’s top grossing games chart. People are not only downloading it but paying for the full version. I was so impressed by what they game had to offer that I even paid for the full version.

So, color me excited when they announced and released Fire Emblem Heroes, a free-to-play version of the classic series. I download it the day of release at work, and on my way home I was ready to play … or so I thought. 

Constant Internet Connection Sucks

It happens every single time I try to get invested in a mobile game. I load up the game and without an internet connection, I am unable to play it. A feature that irks me to no end.

Most of my mobile gaming experience happens on my way to and from work, as you would imagine. However, I live in New York City, using a transit system that is 70% underground. Even if I wanted to use my cellphone data, that is just is not an option. And for games that have an offline feature, they are pretty barebones. The only games on my phone that I have been able to count on is Bejeweled 2 (a game that is no longer available for redownload), Plants vs. Zombies 2, and Severed (which I paid for).

With Nintendo’s newest mobile games, I have encountered another problem – they want me to download a new patch every time I try to play. It has happened a few times with Super Mario Run, a game I have regulated to playing at home. Now, that seems to be the same problem with Fire Emblem Heroes. You would think that having to download around 100 to 400 megabytes of data shouldn’t be a big deal. Well, it is.

I, like many other people, do not have an unlimited data plan. If I tried to play this game every day on my way to work, it would eat my data alive. Those are charges I cannot afford. Another problem that I have encountered is that all of those patches add up. Currently, the game won’t let even let me play unless I make some space. The truth is that I shouldn’t have to download a game every time I want to play it. If you want a prime example of usability issues, look at the mobile game market.

So, my conclusion stands, mobile games do not want me to play them and that sucks.

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