New Year’s Gaming Resolutions 2017

Fireworks representing New Years, resolutions an gaming!
New year means new resolutions, games, and more!

If there is one thing my girlfriend has been bugging me about since the beginning of the new year, it’s goals. She doesn’t want me entering 2017 without me setting out to do something. And I agree, but it’s hard. Thinking about life and what not. So, I said to myself “Think about what you love,” and gaming came to mind. That’s why I’ve set out these gaming resolutions for 2017!

Gaming Resolution #1 – Write More

Next to playing, engaging, and engrossing myself into the world of video games, my passion lies in writing. I love to put words onto paper. Currently, I even have a job doing so as an Ad Copywriter. But I found that I don’t do enough writing for myself. I’ve gotten better towards the end of last year by updating to blog, but I need to do more. Whether it’s more post and writing fictional stories, I need to write about things I take joy in.

Gaming Resolution #2 – Create More

Hey, did you know that I have an A.A.S in Game Design? Yup, during my time in community college, I studied game theory and the fundamentals of game design. I studied it to learn more about what makes a great game – analog, digital, or otherwise. This has immensly helped me with my writing about the subject.

During my time in college, I even worked under the G-FMS initiative and made a few educational card and board games for the classroom. My team (Colemna Design) is a non-profit group, hoping to make games for a difference and even more. While writing will always come first, creating a game is a unique experience that I would be foolish to give up. So hopefully, we will have more news in the future.

Game Resolution #3 – Play More

Work hard, play hard. I wish that was a motto that I have followed more faithfully. Unfortunately, the work hard part sometimes gets in the way. College wasn’t easy, and after graduating with a B.A. in Advertising and Public Relations, I have not played as much as I wished. Recently, I have picked up the pace by setting games to finish and playing a few board games with my friends (Marvel Munchkin is my shit!).

Recently, I have picked up the pace by setting games to finish and playing a few board games with my friends (Marvel Munchkin is my shit!). However, gaming is my inspiration, and if I want to write and create more, then I need to experience more. Color me excited for the Nintendo Switch, Mass Effect Andromeda and so much more.

Well, there you have it. It’s very simple but it will get me going. What are your gaming resolutions for this year? I always encourage conversation, so let me know in the comments!

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