Renegade’s Radar: Sundered

Well, since Nintendo refuses to do anything Metroid (or even acknowledge the classic’s 30th anniversary),  I often find myself looking for my fix elsewhere. And with luck, I do find games that tackle the Metroidvania style of gameplay pretty well. On the horizon is a new game called Sundered, from the makers of the critically acclaimed Jotun. A game with such promise, that it reached its Kickstarter goal of $19,091 in a mere 6 hours. As of now, the game has raised $69,353 with 16 days to go.

Color me excited for the prospect of this one. When other companies make Metroidvania style games, they tend to add their own little twist. I like the idea of procedurally generated dungeons and the consequence of becoming more powerful. Also, as a plus, the art is beautiful. You still have a couple of days to back this project if you are interested in the benefits. While I usually stay away from backing Kickstarters (I’ve been burned before), this one looks to come out pretty soon and Thunder Lotus Games has a good track record.

Global Game Jam: The Thrill of Creation

A large stone die, some dice, and toys used in the creation of games.
All it takes is some pieces and an idea to create a game.

First and foremost, I’m a writer. I love putting thoughts and ideas into written form and I live for the discussions that follow, especially when it comes to games. However, during my time in college I studied game design, which gave me a different perspective.  Continue reading Global Game Jam: The Thrill of Creation

Being Black: The Importance of Diversity in Video Games

Lee and Clementine. Black protagonist from The Walking Dead video game.
We need more grounded and realistic black and minority characters like this.

I’m a black. Nothing will change that and nothing needs to change that. While I am fortunate enough not to have experienced racism first-hand, I see it all around me. There is not much I can do but be safe and live my life to the fullest. But as someone who has made the world of video games, and writing about video games, a part of his life, I have a responsibility to speak up on what being black in this world feels like.  Continue reading Being Black: The Importance of Diversity in Video Games

Nintendo Switch Impressions: Cautious Optimism

The red-blue version of the Nintendo Switch console.
I’m just not ready to buy the Nintendo Switch.
If you have seen my Facebook or Twitter feed in the last week, you’ll notice that I’ve been a little down on the Nintendo Switch. Yes, when the conference first started, I was excited. Believe it or not, Arms caught my attention and the system looks intuitive. However, as the presentation went on, my optimism waned a bit. The more and more I saw, the less I wanted to buy the system day one. And while a majority of people talking about the system expressed quite the opposite, I fear that might be the vocal minority of Nintendo’s core fanbase. To give you a better picture of my thoughts, here are some of my impressions.  Continue reading Nintendo Switch Impressions: Cautious Optimism

Nintendo Switch Announcements That Need to Happen

An image of the Nintendo Switch console.
Today’s the big day for the Nintendo Switch.

Oh, the infamous Nintendo Switch. A console effectively putting the Wii U out of its misery. As I head to work, I’m eagerly awaiting what Nintendo’s newest console has in store for us tonight.

What to do in the meantime? Well, it only seems right to list the things Nintendo needs to show in order to score a home run with fans. Continue reading Nintendo Switch Announcements That Need to Happen

New Year’s Gaming Resolutions 2017

Fireworks representing New Years, resolutions an gaming!
New year means new resolutions, games, and more!

If there is one thing my girlfriend has been bugging me about since the beginning of the new year, it’s goals. She doesn’t want me entering 2017 without me setting out to do something. And I agree, but it’s hard. Thinking about life and what not. So, I said to myself “Think about what you love,” and gaming came to mind. That’s why I’ve set out these gaming resolutions for 2017! Continue reading New Year’s Gaming Resolutions 2017