The title of this post pretty much says it all. I’m done paying $60 for a game, especially day one. I have a job that just gets me by and school I pay out of pocket. So like most gamers, there’s not much money to spare.

Games are expensive. Not only that but if you are a console gamer like me, you, unfortunately, have to pay a subscription. It’s better I play the free games I get every month.

A few months ago, in February, I began debating what my next purchase was going to be. Whether I would buy Evolve or The Order: 1886. When it came down to it, I bought Evolve, season and all.

I didn’t pass on The Order because of the game length. I made my choice before then. It came down to Evolve being something I was interested in and having a better value. Having a multiplayer game was a better value.

I had an argument with a friend about this. You see, he cares more about single-player games and so do I . He also feels a game isn’t worth it if it doesn’t have one. However, a multiplayer game is arguably more worth the $60 price tagged. I bought Evolve because it was something a could pay for several weekends instead of just one.

The bigger problem is that both games weren’t really worth the day one purchase. Most publishers sell games at the $60 price point because it’s the standard and people buy into that and that’s not even counting the cost of DLC. The real reason I’m done buying games day one is because games aren’t priced at what they are realistically worth.

Would I have bought The Order if it was $40 instead; probably? It’s a pipe dream but if my dollar (rather a lack of dollar) might have an effect on how publishers price their games, then I’m only buying games if they are worth the price.