Gamers are always eager for the next new release, announcement, or blockbuster sequel. However, there is a fundamental truth. No matter what game you may be interested, we tend to always come back to our favorite games. For some reason gamers can’t leave them alone. No matter how long it has been or whether it’s been played a million times over. So, today’s Renegade Countdown is all about the games I cannot stop revisiting.

10. Sound Shapes


I love user generated games. Putting the tools of the game into the hands of the player spawns some really creative stuff. While there are plenty like Little Big Planet and Minecraft, my favorite has to be Sound Shapes. Some sweet tunes and hearing the music unfold by collecting each note is a wonderful experience. Every once and a while I pick up my vita, pop in my headphones and explore the new curated albums made up of gamer’s musical genius.


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