What’s the Point of Video Game Movies?

An image of the Playstation "Micheal" commercial, featuring the actor who play Nathan Drake.
Does anybody actually want to see Uncharted on the big screen?

If there is one thing I hate seeing news about, it’s the troubling efforts of producers to try and get the Uncharted movie started. It infuriates me. Sometimes I feel like book readers do when their favorite novel is turned into a major feature film. A loud groan comes out of my mouth, follow by an emphatic why? Why does there need to be an Uncharted movie? Especially when the story is told so well in the game.

Everyone Thinks Film Is the Pinnacle of Media

Apparently, something isn’t deemed a success until it’s made into a TV show or movie. It happens all the time, and I can somewhat understand the logic behind it. With comic books and novels, the narrative is limited to your imagination. Their voices, movements, and actions are all dictated by how they are portrayed in the book.

However, when the narrative is translated into film, it’s brought to life. It becomes real and exciting to see your favorite characters move and act for the first time. That’s why superhero movies work so well. We get to see our physical manifestations of our favorite characters for the first time.

Why Video Game Movies Do Not Work?

There have been several attempts to bring video games to the big screen. While some of them have found some form of success, they are all chessy. Hollywood has yet to take the medium seriously. Even if they did, I still find it hard to believe they would create anything better than the source material.

We have gotten to the point in video games where the graphics no longer look like polygons, the voice acting is top notch, and the stories are no longer made for children and pre-teens. Video games have grown up alongside gamers, and their narratives are mature and expertly directed. Sometimes as I play games like The Last of Us or Mass Effect, I feel like I’m already watching a movie. The stories have become that good.

So, when Sony decides they want to make an Uncharted movie, I say this: What experience can you offer on the big screen that I haven’t felt before while holding a controller in the palm of my hands?

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