Renegade Countdown: Top 10 Games I Can’t Stop Revisiting

Gamers are always eager for the next new release, announcement, or blockbuster sequel. However, there is a fundamental truth. No matter what game you may be interested, we tend to always come back to our favorite games. For some reason gamers can’t leave them alone. No matter how long it has been or whether it’s been played a million times over. So, today’s Renegade Countdown is all about the games I cannot stop revisiting. Continue reading Renegade Countdown: Top 10 Games I Can’t Stop Revisiting

Top 5 Upcoming 2017 Games I Want to Play

Is it too late to have 2017 games list? Nah, it’s never too late to have a 2017 games list. With the bizarre year that is 2016 almost up and the last of the year’s major AAA games coming out, I’m looking towards the future. And what better way to do this than picking out next year’s upcoming video games.  Continue reading Top 5 Upcoming 2017 Games I Want to Play

What’s the Point of Video Game Movies?

An image of the Playstation "Micheal" commercial, featuring the actor who play Nathan Drake.
Does anybody actually want to see Uncharted on the big screen?

If there is one thing I hate seeing news about, it’s the troubling efforts of producers to try and get the Uncharted movie started. It infuriates me. Sometimes I feel like book readers do when their favorite novel is turned into a major feature film. A loud groan comes out of my mouth, follow by an emphatic why? Why does there need to be an Uncharted movie? Especially when the story is told so well in the game.

Continue reading What’s the Point of Video Game Movies?

Mobile Woes: Players Unwilling to Pay

A poster for the release of the mobile game: Super Mario Run.
Nintendo forgets that they are selling on mobile.

I woke up this morning to the news of Super Mario Run’s imminent arrival. As Nintendo posted the image you see above on Facebook, touting a December 15th release date and a price of $9.99, I noticed the angry face icon on the post. Quickly, I click on the comments section to find a flurry of gamers somewhat enraged about the price. It just goes to show that even Nintendo can’t escape the mobile woes. Continue reading Mobile Woes: Players Unwilling to Pay

5 Telltale Games That Need to Happen

Telltale Games Logo.

I’m a sucker for a good story, and nobody quite scratches that itch like Telltale games. Their episodic adventures of classic games, comic books, and tv shows take me into another world. So much so that I never want to leave.

Hell, I haven’t even bought Telltale’s Batman game because I’m afraid I’m going to finish every episode before they all release. While I am eagerly anticipating Season 3 of their Walking Dead series, let’s see what other games I would love to see the studio create. Continue reading 5 Telltale Games That Need to Happen

Stop Destroying Fan Games

The title screen for Pokemon Uranium
When you are too protective of your property, you will start to lose fans.

Big-name companies and fan projects have a complex history. We have seen many come up with their own interpretations of popular properties, only to be hit with a cease and desist letter soon after they release it into the wild. Publishers and owners react to these projects as a threat to their brand.

I, for one, am a fan of fan projects (what a mouthful) – especially when it comes to video games. And often, this kind of censorship feels like a smack in the face to the community who loves a particular company’s work. Fan games need to be encouraged, not destroyed, and when are so protective of your work, you alienate the very people who appreciate your creations. Continue reading Stop Destroying Fan Games