YouTube And Nintendo Need To Get Their Shit Together

Censored Mario

So Mario Maker is coming out today, Yay!!! I’m getting it and hopeful a Classic 8-bit Mario Amiibo. This game is a concept implemented way before Nintendo even conceived or thought of Mario Maker. Look at Little Big Planet or even PC hacks like Kaizo Mario World. However, this is an official Nintendo Mario themed play-create-share game, so we are in for something special.

What is troubling is that Nintendo’s constant need for control might diminish what creative work may come out about the game. Recently we’ve seen things like old speed runs and Kaizo Mario levels taken down just because Nintendo doesn’t like the idea that someone hacked their game and made it their own. Basically, Nintendo has a firm stance against mods.

Now that Nintendo has their own controlled platform where people can make Mario creations it should be better but only slightly. One of the things people like to do in creation tools is recreate their favorite games, make levels based off of their favorite tv shows and characters. That’s what we do, it’s fun.

YouTube is just as bad as Nintendo because their copyright system makes it so any video featuring any unauthorized use of another’s property can be taken down. Don’t get me wrong, these companies do have every right to take down these videos if they don’t like how their properties are used. However, that goes against everything that YouTube and gaming are all about.

Games give you control, inspire creativity. With a game, you can make it your own thing and very rarely are two experiences the same. People always play games against the way it was intended. They are called house rules, adding your own variation towards how the game is played. YouTube was created for people to share their videos and experiences. Often that means people share their experiences with their favorite form of art. From music covers and movie spoofs to speed runs and game mods.

Hopefully, people’s creations in Super Mario Maker won’t be blocked or censored due to mild copyright issues.

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