I Don’t Like The Idea Of Apple TV Becoming A Game Device


So Apple is set to announce their new Apple TV today and it’s rumored to add games …. and that thought terrifies me.

Now don’t get wrong I love the Apple TV as much as the next person. It works supremely well with the iPad and iPhone and AirPlay is perhaps one of the best things ever invented. However, the gaming landscape of the iPad and iPhone is a virtual cesspool polluted with shovelware, clones and pay to play penny grabbers. I have a feeling the new Apple TV will be no different.

What really scares me about the new Apple TV is how popular it might become. It’s rumored to come in at $150, which is cheap in comparison to consoles. Apple has a legion of devoted fans that will buy anything they put out. Publishers, in turn, will start to flock to whatever is hit.

I’m not saying that these games will be better than big production games. What I’m saying is that publishers will want to devote more time and resources to these semi-free, shovelware games because they will eventually make them more money in the end. I mean look at companies like Konami, Square-Enix, and Sega already grasping at the app game market.

I’m I wrong to have these fears or should I be worried publishers will push aside better quality games for money makers?

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