Renegade Countdown: Top 10 Games That May Announced At This Year’s E3


Sorry for the wait! Had a bit of a hard time coming up with this list. Like I said before, this year’s E3 is a bit of a mystery. Try I will though to guess which games will make their grand appearance at this year’s show. Let the countdown begin!

10. Fallout 4


This one is a bit of wishful thinking. Bethesda has stated  that they are taking their time with the next version of the Fallout series. However, one can hope right? Bethesda has an unannounced game that they are showing off at this years show and I’m hoping it’s Fallout 4. A game that many fans have been waiting for since the outstanding Fallout 3 reinvented the series and now seems like the right time to bring it out.

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