Xbox One Is Now Affordable At $399, Without Kinect


Ever since the debut and release of the Xbox One, Microsoft has done a lot of backtracking. Today marks another one of those days. Less than a year after its release Microsoft has dropped the price of the Xbox One to $399. Even though in previous reports they said they would never release a Kinect-less Xbox One, that no longer seems to be the case.

The Kinect-less Xbox One seems to be due to the new regime change, with Phil Spencer now being the head of the Xbox division. Smart move by Spencer considering how consumers would rather have the Kinect camera as optional. To say this move is monumental is an understatement. The price change now gives Sony and their PS4 some stiff competition as both console are on equal footing. We will what Xbox has in store for E3 in less than a month and whether the price change has a effect on the sales in the coming months.

Renegade’s Radar: Sunset Overdrive


Insomniac gives us our first look at its upcoming Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive and well …. is saying something is so “Insomniac” a term? Unlike Insomniac’s last game, Fuse, this game seem to have more of their style and charm. I honestly don’t know what to call this game. It is like an odd blend of open-world, zombie-shooter with elements of Ratchet and Clank. Strangely enough the game reminds me of Epic’s on seemingly vansihed game Fortnite. The mission statement for them seems to be, “make this game as crazy as possible”, which fits Insomniac’s style. So I’ll be keeping up with this one just to see how crazy they can get.

How Urban Black and Latino Cultures Can Be the Next Frontier for Indie Games: Video


If you didn’t not get a chance to go to the NYU Event a few weeks ago by Developer Shawn Allen, then you’re in Luck! Video of the event has gone online and people should really give it a look. Allen discusses a majority of problems for minorities within the indie game industry. Mainly the misrepresentation of minorities and the lack of them as well. As both African American and Puerto Rican, one of the problems I have had with playing video games is I don’t see my culture and basically I don’t see myself. For a culture that I love so much, for me, it is something that sticks out like a sore thumb. It is an issue that Allen touches on fairly well,  so I encourage everyone to watch.

Look for Shawn Allen’s recently Kickstarted game Treachery in Beatdown City soon.


Nintendo Announces Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire


Nintendo announced the next Pokemon games will be Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Something they hinted about in various parts of X and Y. Nothing is really shown in the trailer other than the games covers. No doubt that this new remake will use the updated graphics of X and Y, but I am kind of hoping for more. Some updated mega evolutions and more surprises would be nice.

The Annualization of Games. How Much Time is Enough Time?


Any dedicated gamer will know how long a game has been in development, and there is a good reason for that. It is because people know that good things take time. Most great games have a three, maybe four year development cycle; in order to not only come up with great ideas but make sure they are fully fleshed out. My biggest pet peeve is the Annualization of games. It is a disservice to both gamers and developers.

When I say the Annualization, it mean the act of annualizing or making something a yearly event. So basically for gaming it means seeing a sequel or spinoff to a game release exactly a year after the previous version. This has become a big trend within the game industry especially with games like the Assassins Creed series, Call of Duty series and even Halo on occasion. I’m pretty much tired of it.

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Renegade Presents Tri_Age’s Warframe Twitch Stream

Interested in some next-gen action? Look no further than Esteban Advincola’s  (aka Tri_Age) Warframe Twitch Stream! If you don’t know Warframe is a free -to-play, 3rd person, Sci-fi shooter with some pretty cool elements. This is a weekend affair so if you are down to watch some interesting gameplay, it starts 8pm EST Friday, 5 pm EST Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy!