Renegade Countdown: Top 5 Sony E3 Predictions

4. They Will Show Uncharted 4 In Some Form


You would think Sony showing off their key franchise is a no-brainer. The situation with Uncharted 4 is not that simple. It seems like one by one key members of Naughty Dog have been jumping ship. First writer Amy Henning, then Game director Justin Richmond. Later on we hear news of Art Director Nate Wells and writer Todd Stashwick leaving as well. These are the people that made the Uncharted series what it is today. There departure has left the state of Uncharted 4 in question.

It would be foolish to think Sony would abandon their mega franchise. Don’t count Naughty Dog out either, they still have most the talents that made Last of Us possible. I think we will see the game in some form during this years E3. I will even be bold enough to say we will get a gameplay demo of some kind that will blow our minds and maybe a release date as well.

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