NYU Event: NYC Games Forum April Playtest Night


Interested in playing some games? Meeting some awesome local game developers? Live in New York City?

Well here is your chance! NYU is hosting one of its Playtest nights next Tuesday and you have the chance to participate. While tickets cost $9.43, this might be worth it to meet and network with some great New York game developers.

You can buy tickets here. Details below:

NYC Games Forum April Playtest Night
ATTENDEES – please arrive on time! The check-in workers will leave after an hour, and you might not be able to get in late.
Two months ago, over 30 independent developers showed off their creations to almost 200 attendees. It was a huge success, and everyone asked for more.
On April 22 we’re doing it again. Developers will have a chance to show off their newest games one-on-one to the NYC Games Forum crowd. We’re taking over Microsoft to offer more developers the opportunity to get in front of players, pitch their games and get feedback. Each game will have its own section of a booth and players will get to try out whatever strikes their fancy.
Don’t have a game, but want to show up to try out the games and have fun? RSVP as an attendee above — it’ll be an awesome night.
Nick Robalik :: Pixelmetal :: Sombrero
Jack Liu :: Digital Possum :: Zoo Racer
Hayden Cacace :: Heartonomy :: Glitch Volley + TileWild
Frank Rinaldi :: Ambibrain, LLC :: Protect The Pineapple
Kurt Bieg :: Simple Machine :: Hoots and others!
Anthony L Powell :: That Row Sham Bow Game
Stephen Gilman :: MakerState :: Makerspaces for Kids
Colin Fuller :: Quikding LLC :: Cavesweeper
Jasmine Greene :: SaltyPepper :: Once Upon a Runner
Shawn Allen :: Nuchallenger Vianel :: Treachery in Beatdown City
Anatole Branc :: Lastlimb LLC :: Organic Panic
Andrew Garrahan :: Computer Lunch :: Bunny Love
Ilya Zarembsky :: Over Easy
Amelia :: Pivit
Lawrence Mascia :: Goodnight Games :: Shadow Protocol and Others
Adnan Agha :: Nevernaut Games :: SlashDash
Anthony Conta :: Urban Island Games, LLC :: Funemployed
Randall Li :: Triple Li LLC :: Sirtet: a Secretly Social Game
Michael Christatos :: Golden Ruby Games :: Extreme Exorcism
Thomas Eliot :: Sixpence Games :: Cultists of Cthulhu: Miskatonic University
Eric Schwertzel :: DeckDaq :: NBA Hoops
Nicole Darabian :: Decode Global :: Get Water!
Eric Greenbaum :: Jema VR :: Project SingleTrack
Micah Heiselt :: Hei Design Co. :: Cutting Corners
Ahmed Abdullah :: Decoy Games :: Swimsanity
Christopher Batarlis :: Everything Epic Games :: Secrets of the Lost Tomb and Casino Battle Royale
Isaac Shalev :: Kind Fortress :: Dominus
Edward Woods :: Secret Agents
Damon Tabb :: Creative Foundry Games :: 3 Blind Mice: Quest for the Holey Cheese
Michael R. :: Visible Hand Games :: Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice
George Tsouris :: Give Up Games :: The Elf Who Killed Christmas
Stephen Orlando :: Robit Studios :: Treasure Adventure World
Nicholas Pappas :: Papou Games :: Shut the Frak Up
Richard :: De-Evolution Studios :: GraveFall
Douglas, Timo and Will :: Disgruntled Badger Games :: Galactic Nemeses
Ted Gerard :: The Raven & The Widow, LLC.:: Spirit Realms: The Throne Wars

Have a game and want to show it off to playtesters? Fill out the form here. You’ll need to be available to show your game from 5:00 to 8:30pm on April 22 (including setup time).
Please include your first and last name when you RSVP. Your name must be on the list to get past building security. Also, all guests must RSVP on their own.

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