NYU Event: What’s Sex Got to Do With It?


Gamers in New York City looking to attend a possibly interesting discussion on game culture might want to look at NYU Deutsches Haus’ event: What’s Sex Got To Do With It?.

Recently an intense debate erupted in the print media and the blogosphere focusing on sex and sexism in the gaming culture. This discussion focused on the one-sided nature in which sex is portrayed in video games and its objectification of women. “Sex including feelings” is widely missing from all game genres. Instead there exists the strange mixture of sexy-looking women on the one hand and an absence of sex in computer games on the other.

The panelists include Game Center students, Toni Pizza, Franziska Zeiner, and Nina Freeman, Deutsches Haus game designer in residence, Lea Schönfelder, and Daniel Von Bothmer.

RSVP here.

There are plenty of great game discussions to go to in New York City and NYU is possibly the forefront of these events. I will try and post a new event every week that peaks my interest and might peak yours as well. If you would like to find out more info about the event and its speakers click here.

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