NYU Event: What’s Sex Got to Do With It?


Gamers in New York City looking to attend a possibly interesting discussion on game culture might want to look at NYU Deutsches Haus’ event: What’s Sex Got To Do With It?.

Recently an intense debate erupted in the print media and the blogosphere focusing on sex and sexism in the gaming culture. This discussion focused on the one-sided nature in which sex is portrayed in video games and its objectification of women. “Sex including feelings” is widely missing from all game genres. Instead there exists the strange mixture of sexy-looking women on the one hand and an absence of sex in computer games on the other.

The panelists include Game Center students, Toni Pizza, Franziska Zeiner, and Nina Freeman, Deutsches Haus game designer in residence, Lea Schönfelder, and Daniel Von Bothmer.

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There are plenty of great game discussions to go to in New York City and NYU is possibly the forefront of these events. I will try and post a new event every week that peaks my interest and might peak yours as well. If you would like to find out more info about the event and its speakers click here.

Sony and Panasonic Reveal Archival Disc. What It Could Mean for PS4 and Xbox One?


Earlier in the week Sony and Panasonic revealed the new Archival Disc, set to release sometime in the summer of 2015. Right now the Archival Disc is only meant for professional use, not consumer use. What is set to be the new standard disc format, the Archival Disc will be able to hold from up 300GB to 1TB of space. According to Sony,

Have excellent properties to protect themselves against the environment, such as dust-resistance and water-resistance, and can also withstand changes in temperature and humidity when stored.

The take away from this announcement is what the new disc format can do for the recently released PS4 and Xbox One. With game install becoming bigger (notably Killzone Shadow Fall’s 40GB during the PS4’s release), both 500GB systems can easily be filled by games taking up a larger amount of space.  The new Archival Disc could rectify this problem, allowing for more assets to be put on the disc instead of on the system itself. This also saves consumers from not being able to download and play multiple games because of size limitations. Whether Sony decides to distribute the new disc for the PS4 and Xbox One is unknown. As the catalog from both consoles increase, we will see what they decide to do.

Renegade’s Radar: Freedom Wars


Every time I see Freedom Wars I get a little bit more excited. While I have been deep into all the indie and downloadable games that you can find on the PS Vita, I haven’t been this excited for the big games since Gravity Rush. The perception is that Vita does not have any games, but anyone who owns the system knows that is far from the truth and are more than satisfied. I think Sony’s problem is that they do not talk about the Vita as much as they should, but that’s a conversation for another day. Only problem is, Freedom Wars is Japan only. Crossing my fingers for a western release.