New Redesigned PS Vita Announced


Sony starts off their Japan Press Conference by showing off the newly redesigned PS Vita. Coming in various different colors (Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, White, Gray), the new system will be 20 percent lighter, 15 percent thinner and have a battery life that is about an hour longer then the previous incarnation of the PS Vita.

The handheld will run for 19,929 yen, which is about $200 and come with 1 GB memory card. No word on if it is coming to the U.S.

Xbox One Release Date Announced.


The Xbox One will be available for purchase in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, UK, and the USA on November 22nd of this year. Interestingly, this is the same date that the Xbox 360 released back in 2005.
Not much of a gap between the November 15th launch of the PS4 and the Xbox One’s now announced November 22nd launch. Gamers are sure to pick their favorite no matter what and we will see who comes out on top as these two giants go head to head.

GameFreak Announces Pokemon Bank, Two Starters and Custom Pokemon X and Y 3DS XLs


Today’s very early Nintendo Direct, dedicated to Pokemon X and Y, had some very big announcements. First off, Game Freak started the Direct with the announcement of Pokemon Bank, which is an application that allow players to store their Pokemon online. Pokemon Bank contain 100 boxes and allow players to manage 3,000 Pokemon. The Pokemon Bank makes it noticeably easier for people with both versions of the game to transfer Pokemon from one game to another without the need for two systems.

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Rayman Legends Vita Is Missing Levels

According to IGN, the PS Vita version of Rayman Legends is missing around 28 levels. The article states,

The 28 levels in question comprise the Invasion challenges, a hardcore speed-run mode that mashes existing levels together. Posters on NeoGAF note that the total number of collectible Teensies in the Vita version is reduced from 700 to 615 as a result.

This is a very strange omission from the game, seeing as last year’s Rayman Origins on the Vita contained all the content its console counterparts had. Even stranger is that Ubisoft did not mention these levels would be missing before release. Hopefully fans wanting to play the game on the Vita, will get get them as free DLC.