Transistor E3 Gameplay Demo


I’m already loving Transistor more than Bastion and SuperGiant Games’ gameplay demo is making me love it even more. The ultra sci-fi, big brother setting of the game is one of the most beautiful art styles I have seen in a game.

The story looks interesting as well, with the main character, Red, finding the Transistor, a powerful weapon which is inhabited by the soul of a man she was once close to. The man seems to play a similar role to the Narrator in Bastion, instead he talks directly to Red as they progress throughout the game. Both Red and the man are trying to prevent the enemies known as the “Process” who controls the world from getting their hands on the Transistor.

SuperGiant seems to be taking a more strategic approach to gameplay with the “Turn” mechanic. Essentially, “Turn” let’s you stop time and plan out Red’s attacks and movements. This can also be applied to a few of the games puzzles as well. While this may seem like it would make the game too easy, you have to wait for “Turn” to recharge in order to use it again. Also enemies move very fast and are plenty strong, so you have to plan out your attacks carefully.

Transistor is becoming more and more impressive each time it is shown. I cannot wait to play this on the PS4. You can watch the E3 gameplay video below.

One thought on “Transistor E3 Gameplay Demo”

  1. I haven’t played Bastion, but I noticed this game in the main PS4 conference from E3 and it just looks stunning. The graphics look fantastic, the plot seems to be sound, and this game is very much pulling me towards PS4 for next-gen.

    Very cool.

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